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Patient Admissions Office 22860 35462  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patient admissions and discharges are performed by the Patient Admissions Office which operates Monday to Friday, from 08:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


The referral for a scheduled admission is issued by the Hospital's doctors following examination of the patient in the Outpatient Offices, and the admission is performed by the Patient Admissions Office.


Any patient coming to the Hospital is examined by a doctor on duty at the Emergency Unit. If his or her immediate admission is judged necessary, a written order is provided by the Emergency Unit doctor, by virtue of which the patient is admitted.

During their admission, patients must have their Health Record Booklet from their Insurance body, as well as their identity card. Also, they must know their AMKA [Social Security Number], AFM [Tax Identification Number] and DOY [Competent Tax Office]. This information can also be provided by the patient’s relatives to the Patient Admissions Office.


The treating physician is exclusively responsible for the patient’s discharge from the Hospital. If a discharge order is issued by the treating physician, the Discharge notice is issued and delivered to the patient along with all necessary medical instructions.

In the case that patient transportation by ambulance is required, this must be immediately declared to the Head Nurse in order to avoid any delays in the issuance of the discharge notice. 

Once the Discharge Notice is issued, the patient or the accompanying person must refer to the Patient Admissions Office (Emergency Unit) - Patients Account in order to settle any financial debts and to receive:

  • Copies of the Examinations*
  • Health Record Booklet (as long as the necessary procedures have been completed)

*All examinations performed are recorded and archived. In the case that copies of the examinations are requested at a later time, after the discharge date, these are delivered following an application submitted to the Patients Secretariat, on the ground floor. The delivery time of the copies does not exceed 2 working days.

Patients and the persons accompanying them are informed of the course of their health only by the treating physician, on the days and times that each clinic has pre-set. Any attempt to receive information from any other hospital employ is pointless and only serves to heighten the anxiety of the interested parties.

Patients must provide information regarding their health (medications, nutrition, alcohol, smoking, occupation, sport activities, habits). The doctor must inform the patient of the course of his or her health during the hospitalization and provide instructions upon the patient's discharge from the Hospital.