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The aims of the General Hospital of Thira are the following:

  1. Provision of secondary health care to the population falling under the responsibility of the 2nd Health Region of Piraeus and the Aegean, to patients - visitors of the island and of the nearby tourist areas.
  2. Specialization, continuous education and training of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals through the development and implementation of relevant training programmes.
  3. Development and promotion of research in the field of health. For this purpose, the Hospital implements and develops research programmes and cooperates with other relevant bodies, as well as international organizations, scientific and research centers.
  4. Cooperation with nursing institutions and other health care units of this or of other health regions for the development and general upgrade of the provided health care, and in particular as regards the implementation of educational programs for the study and assessment of subjects, concerning the field of health care.
  5. Implementation of new methods and forms of health care, with the goal of successfully promoting citizens’ health.
  6. Provision of health care services in the context of promoting medical tourism.
  7. Development of procedures which facilitate the goals set by the ministry of Health and Health Units SA.