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Emergency phone numbers

Thira EKAB
[National Emergency Aid Center]
22860 25368
EKAB 166
Poisoning control center 210 7793777
European emergency number 112

Emergency Department

The emergency department operates 24 hours daily, twelve months a year serving medical emergencies.

24 hour call center

+30 22860 35300


Outpatient offices

Outpatient Offices operate Monday to Friday 08:30 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.

Visits to doctors are exclusively with appointment via the outpatient offices secretariat on the phone number 22860 35300.

Santorini Hospital is an A.E.M.Y. health unit and is operated under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Health.

The Hospital began its operation July 2016 and is equipped with the latest technology medical equipment and staffed with qualified scientific, medical, nursing, administrative and other staff.

Santorini Hospital’s aim is providing high level health services to the residents and visitors of the island.